torsdag 26 november 2015

Hawk and Dove #1 - Sterling Gates

Hank Hall is not happy. He's not happy to have Dawn Granger as a new partner in his war on crime. He's not happy that she's dating the ghostly Super Hero, Deadman. He's not happy to learn that someone is trying to plunge the United States into a new civil war! Now it's up to Hawk and Dove to root out the forces behind this conflict and stop them before they turn the U.S. into a wasteland!And who is the monster lurking in the shadows, watching Hawk and Dove from afar? Find out in this new series from Sterling Gates (FLASHPOINT: KID FLASH LOST) and artist Rob Liefeld (X-Force, Youngblood)! (beskrivning lånad från DC comics)

Ganska icke-minnesvärd. Kommer typ inte alls ihåg vad den här storyn handlade om. Och tyvärr, så är väl det ett av de sämre betygen som man kan få. Lets leave it at that.

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