onsdag 11 november 2015

Blackhawks #1 - Mike Costa

Welcome to a world waging a new kind of war that's faster and more brutal than ever before. It's fought by those who would make the innocent their targets, using computers, smart weapons and laser-guided missiles. The new enemy is hard to find – and closer to home than we think.Between us and them stand the Blackhawks, an elite force of military specialists equipped with the latest in cutting-edge hardware and vehicles. Their mission: Kill the bad guys before they kill us (beskrivning lånad från goodreads).

Även detta var väl lite smått intressant. Någon slags militärgrupp, med mycket teknologi och kaosartade uppdrag. Folk blir infekterade av nanomites(I think!) som tar kontroll över dem. Äckligt men intressant och spännande. 

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