torsdag 3 oktober 2013

The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan

Needing an escape from her past, Avery chooses a college where no one knows her. Keeping a low profile was the plan, falling for the intense frat boy, Jase wasn’t. Yet she can’t deny how alive she feels when he’s near. Even as common sense implores her to stay away, her body begs her to get closer.

Jase, numb from his own family drama, has grown bored with weekends fueled by nameless girls and countless bottles when he meets Avery. Helping her cope with her past is better than dealing with the bullshit his own life’s served up. Determined to drive away the painful secret she’s guarding, he appoints himself her life coach, and challenges her to new experiences. Getting close to her and being the one to make her smile are simply perks of the job. 

But when Avery’s past boldly saunters in, refusing to be forgotten, can Jase live with the truth about the girl he’s fallen for? (beskrivning lånad från, finns även på cdon, bokus, adlibris)

Helt klart en av de bättre böckerna av Kendall Ryan. Det är mer kött på benen när det kommer till deras story och relation. Men Ryans sätt att skriva återkommer även här; underhållande och enkelt men kanske inte de djupaste budskapen. 

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